Fast Selling of Sony Playstation 4 Pro Requires Reservation for Interested Buyers  


The long wait for the release of Sony’s latest iteration of the PlayStation, the PlayStation 4 Pro is over. The release in the Singaporean market has been welcomed so warmly, that units were sold out at launch day.

Sold Out Units Everywhere

This is because console fans from the said island nation are eager to have the most powerful console from Sony.

As a matter of fact, fans of the said console based in Singapore would have to reserve a unit for themselves through the sales support team of Sony Singapore, who would be prioritizing them ones supplies are replenished anew. The reason why the console is popular is that it serves as an upgraded version of the PlayStation 4. It also has faster processing speeds, 4K HDTV display capabilities, as better compatibility for PlayStation VR.

Despite the high demands, the latest iteration of Sony’s Flagship console has drawn flak. This is over the alleged poorer performance brought about by the increase in its resolution. While Sony has already been made aware of this, the issue has yet to be addressed. Should you already have a 4K TV in your home, and if you would want to have a good console to play with, then you ought to put the PlayStation 4 Pro on top priority.

Should you not have the said TV yet, you might reconsider getting the PlayStation 4 Pro, as there are not that many games in 4k resolution you could play with yet. The selling price of the console is at about S$600 in tech stores around Singapore.

For purchase through Sony Singapore, reservations can be done through their official Facebook page.

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