The Gaming PC Market is Changing

Today, market analysts are seeing an overall decline in PC sales. However, a new report coming from Jon Peddie Research (JPR) shows up. It says that the worldwide market for PC gaming hardware is actually growing faster than expected ever since 2016.

Gaming PC Market Growing Faster Than Expected

According to ARSTechnica, the market for pre-built and “do-it-youself” gaming-focused PCs have gone up. This includes the upgrades and accessories such as audio/communication systems and input devices. It is reported that it has exceeded $30 billion for the very first time last year ($30.346 billion, to be precise), according to JPR’s latest report.

That is definitely way up from the prior estimated $24.6 billion market for gaming PCs that JPR way saw back in 2015. Back then, JPR projected that the PC gaming market wouldn’t evensurpass the $30 billion mark until 2018. This only means that the industry has rapidly accelerated in just two years ahead of those old projections.

JRP Explains Its Findings

“The average PC sale has been increasingly motivated by the video game use model, which is crucial to understand in a stagnating or declining overall PC market,” JPR writes in line to its findings. “As basic computing functions become more and more established with mobile devices, the PC will automatically become a power user’s tool…”

Asia Pacific Now Largest-Growing Gaming PC Market

According to TechNewsTube, Europe and North America is still spending the most on high-end PC gaming hardware. However, the Asia Pacific region has also now become the largest and fastest-growing market for gaming PCs overall since 2016. The $9 billion that region has spent on gaming PC and gaming PC hardwarehas increased and is now up by 9.61 percent annually. This is thanks to a firmly established PC gaming culture in the region. The region’s large population and lack of significant console traction are also factors to this growth.

Overall, JPR foresees the gaming PC market to be slightly shifting itself away from the “entry-level” tier. It has slowly moved forward towards more powerful “mid-range” systems. The most powerful high-end PCs are still making up a majority 43% of the overall PC gaming market.

The Current State Of Gaming Consoles

As of now, JPR hasn’t yet released similar numbers for the gaming console hardware since 2016. In 2015, however, the market for console gaming hardware, as per JPR’s findings, was about 15 percent bigger compared to the PC gaming hardware.

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