HDR Gaming Compatibility Still Severely Limited


It seems that game developers and console manufacturers are slow to adapt to this brand new standard for coloured graphics. With the Xbox One S and the PS4 Pro, there has been a noted, extra divers range of colours that have a great effect on the visual experience of the gamers.

This new feature, however, are only compatible for a limited number of console brands or titles as of the moment.  With the case of the Play Station 4, several games have been revamped with greater resolutions and faster frame rates for the PS4 Pro, but have not been improved significantly for High Definition color.

Announcements and files for the PS4 have been obtained in order to come up with the stats and data mentioned below. To enjoy the HDR, gaming experience, you need a television set that is HDR10-compatible.

For fans of Microsoft, you would also need the newer Xbox One S, as the older models would not allow you to experience such. The new HDR could work o PS4 units with the 4.05 firmware version, and includes the initial console, and the PS4 Slim and Pro models. One of the reasons why this is so is simply because the HDR color is not a simple thing to integrate in tools, and the people over at Microsoft have not done anything to get this going.

Despite this, it is expected that home entertainment centres would think about expanding this particular technology and using it in more consoles and devices.

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