Microsoft Offers Affordable Xbox One S Destiny 2 Bundle

There is a huge debate about the perfect gaming platform to play Destiny 2.  It appears to be a revolving discussion between PC and PS4.

Sometimes, you would hear that the game would be great on Xbox One X.

The origin Xbox One that’s now Xbox One S technically is what’s left out of the discussion. Apparently, we found interesting today. It is the fact that Microsoft is promoting somewhat understood as an Xbox One S/Destiny bundle. And, it is very inexpensive.

Free Destiny 2

Activision and Sony, as we all know, have a perpetual blood pact where Destiny 2 will have to act like an exclusive for PS. This means that the content of the game will be made especially for PS. On the other hand, Microsoft has their deals with EA and WB.

However, the company is promoting a bundle that features Destiny 2 for free. You could spend $250 for the Xbox one S that is a Forza Horizon 3 bundle technically. Or, you could choose other Microsoft game. But, you get 2 more free games after that. You will choose from a given list. And of course, Destiny is on the list and Microsoft is telling you upfront.

By just offering Destiny 2 on the list of free games, it is kind of a cunning way to get around the Activision-Sony deal. However, it still creates similar result in the end. Also, $250 is a steal for three games, which 2 of your selection, and an Xbox One S.

Not the Best Platform

The issue in here is that the Xbox One S isn’t the perfect platform to play Destiny 2. The major reason that you may want to play the game on this console is either it is the only platform you own or if all your friends are using the system. You maybe want to save some money for the Xbox One X if you are looking for a platform to play. Or, you could choose PS4 or PS4 Pro.

However, we do not think that Xbox One S is the perfect platform to play Destiny 2, especially if you have each available choice to you. However, the bundle’s existence should be striking to several gamers. Also, regardless of the qualification, it is really a great deal. But, if you don’t have any option, it is worth trying.

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