Nintendo 3DS Launched Two New Pokemon Games  


Japanese company and developer, Nintendo has one again launched a brand new Pokemon game, which follows the series. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are the latest addition to the most famous anthology of Pokemon games. The new Pokemon game series was launched four months after the release of Pokemon Go. A lot of diehard Pokemon fans are really excited for this game for it is a new addition to their games.

Nintendo 3DS released new games

Nintendo 3DS, which has not released any new games since October 2013, hopes that Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be able to catapult them back into the gaming industry. The game will be focusing on a brand new platform, with new regions, starter Pokemon and brand new features. This makes the fans more exciting for it has been a while since they have a fresh take on a Pokemon game.

The release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will coincide with 20th anniversary of the original Pokemon videogames and also follows the undeniable success of Pokemon Go which caused a lot of hype and has been downloaded over 500 million times.

In regards to starting prices, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be sold at $39.99 in the US, 4,980 in Japan and 44.95 euros in Europe. The prices are really friendly and Japanese company hopes that a lot of people will patronize their new addition to the really popular game.

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