Why The PlayStation 4 Pro Is Better Than Xbox Scorpio

The reasons why the PlayStation 4 Pro will still be better than the upcoming Xbox Scorpio is finally unveiled.

There is no doubt that the excitement and hype for the upcoming Xbox Scorpio is very high. Now, only a few weeks separate the people from finally catching glimpse of Microsoft’s newest console.

It has been reported that the Scorpio will go head to head with Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. This is because it is said to also feature a 4K display support. It will also have a host of outstanding features and better graphics.

Because of this, some people might see the Xbox Scorpio to be a big threat to the legacy and  popularity of the PlayStation 4 Pro. However, that might not be the real case of it.

What happens instead is that the PlayStation 4 Pro has become another hot topic today. This is thanks to the announcement of an upcoming Scorpio release. The two consoles from Sony and Microsoft just can’t go on without being compared to one another.

Console Difference

Reports have it that the Xbox Scorpio will be distinct and unique from the other consoles in the market. And because of this, there is a feeling of having an extraordinary experience with the Scorpio. Well perhaps, it’s just more of a marketing campaign to hype things up.

But if one was to carefully look at the trend of how game developers work, it’s very evident that Sony has the upper hand. This is because there are more exclusive game developers for the PlayStation. With this, it is very unlikely for the Xbox Scorpio to have a big collection of exclusive games.

PS4 Pro Superiority

Most tech analysts and enthusiasts have already speculated that the Scorpio will only have very few exclusive game titles on their side. And with this, the PlayStation 4 Pro is in a very good position in solidifying its grasp on the gaming industry.

Ever since the competition between the PlayStation and Xbox started, the former had always won the exclusive games category. Various reports claim that the Xbox Scorpio will be  30 percent faster than the Xbox One S. It is also capable of running 4K content.

In terms of the GDRR5 memory, it is reported that the Scorpio has 12 GB of it, which is higher than the PlayStation 4 Pro’s. But then again, the memory of the CPU and GPU is still unknown. This makes any comparison still inaccurate up until this time.

Final Thoughts

With all of these being said, it is pretty clear that the PlayStation 4 Pro will still stay on top of the game. With more exclusive game titles and with the very good aesthetic quality of the PlayStation 4 Pro, the Xbox Scorpio is sure in deep trouble.

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