PlayStation 4 Pro: One Of The Most Powerful Consoles Yet


The brand new console has already been released on November 10 with a $399 price tag, and is a major upgrade when it comes to its horsepower, compared to the PS4. Having said that, the PS4 Pro is able to display greater resolutions and thus, crisper, clearer graphics, apart from lesser waiting times for the game to load.

The new version of the PS4 has some minor variations for its internal components. Some of the upgrades include HDR support, more processing capabilities and graphics that could allow for a much better virtual reality gaming experience. It also boasts of a massive 1TB hard drive. The upgrades are only limited to the technical aspect, and thus they will not get exclusive games.

Furthermore, the PS4 Pro is only compatible with 4K TV Sets. In terms of functionality, it bears a similarity to the original PS4 released three years ago, and the recently released PS4. Having said all this, all the games made for PS4 are fully compatible with the Pro.

Eventually, developers are expected to make games with PS4 as a base, together with Pro consoles. This simply means that games could immediately adjust according to the console that you choose to play on. One key difference is that the PS4 is an even smaller version for the initially released PS4. The same thing happened to the PS2 and PS3 a few years after those consoles came out.

This is the first time a console manufacturer made and released an upgraded version of its previously released consoles.

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