PlayStation 4 Pro Vs Xbox Scorpio

Get to know the unending rivalry between the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox Scorpio.

Most reports are suggesting that Xbox will regain the top position in the game console industry, once it releases its Xbox Scorpio. Microsoft hopes that this will happen, and is doing its best to achieve this milestone.

This is because it has been left behind by Sony since the release of the PlayStation 4 in November of 2013. And with this, the Xbox One console is surely having some hard time recovering from the losses due to Sony’s superior console.

Xbox Scorpio Might Outcompete PS4 Pro

However, recent reports suggest that forecasts are expecting that Microsoft will once again take the lead in the console battle against Sony. This means that the Xbox console will once again experience reigning supreme over the PlayStation, just like how the Xbox 360 roasted Sony.

Microsoft strongly believes that the Xbox Scorpio will outcompete the PlayStation 4 Pro. This is because it will be the most powerful console ever made. This will also help in skyrocketing the sales of the Xbox Scorpio.

It is also forecasted that Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro will be unable to keep up with the pace of the Scorpio once it gets released in the later part of this year. However, there is one barrier to this goal, as it will still strongly depend on the game developers. If the number of exclusive game developers for the Xbox is still low, Sony can still beat them undoubtedly.

Reliance On Exclusive Game Titles

Hopefully, new top notch game exclusives will be announced by Microsoft this coming E3 in June. In one of the reports, it is said that game contents are still more important than the technologically advanced specs. With this, Microsoft will surely do its best to make it more than just a high specs console. It should instead create a console that has a lot of exclusive titles to it.

For now, there are an increasing number of exclusive game titles that are opting out of being tied to Microsoft. If ever this trend changes, then it would mean the comeback of Microsoft’s Xbox. But if not, then Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro will still reign supreme.

Whichever the case is, Microsoft needs to double its efforts in securing exclusive game titles. This is the only solution to their problem of constantly being outsmarted by Sony.

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