PlayStation 4 Pro: Is It Worthy To Upgrade

Sony has just launched the PlayStation 4 Pro. Continue to read on if you want to know if it is a worthy upgrade.

Sony has just launched two of its newest game consoles, the PlayStation 4 Pro and the PlayStation 4 Slim. The former is the most advanced console to date, and has a significant graphics improvement from the original PlayStation 4.

Meanwhile the Slim version is the lighter and more portable one. But with its release, the market has been confused if it really is good to get a PlayStation 4 Pro, knowing that it’s not a next-gen console.

More Powerful

With this, it is worth knowing that the PlayStation 4 Pro is two times more powerful than the original PlayStation 4. This is because the processor has been upgraded substantially. Having 4.2 teraflops instead of the original 1.84 teraflops is a big improvement if one was to talk about the graphics and performance.

Better Graphics

This in turn makes the textures and lighting effects crisper and having a higher quality feel. It also is the reason why the graphics are more realistic and that the gameplay itself has a smoother performance.

But if ever you already have a PlayStation 4 and a 1080p TV, it is not recommended for you to upgrade to the Pro model. This is because a PlayStation 4 Pro needs a 4K TV in order for you to see the difference in graphics.

Need for a 4K TV

If you really want to get the PlayStation 4 Pro to yourself, then you should first purchase a 4K TV. With the help of a 4K TV, you will get to make the most out of your PlayStation 4 Pro. This is because the Pro model is specifically made to deliver 4K resolution.

Game Support

Aside from the TV, you should also consider the games that you’ll get to play in it. There are games which don’t support the 4K feature of the PlayStation 4 Pro. Consider getting games such as Horizon: Zero Dawn and Mass Effect: Andromeda.

It is important to know that the PlayStation 4 Pro is dubbed by many as the PlayStation 4.5. This means that it is not really a next-gen console. It doesn’t have any real significant improvements, aside from the 4K support feature. Unless you want to make the most out of your gaming experience, see better graphics and have better performance, then it is recommended for you to get a PlayStation 4 Pro.

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