PlayStation 5: Too Soon For 2018

As Sony’s recent earnings demonstrate, the company is doing fairly well. However, the good news in 2017 isn’t really connected to its PlayStation 4.

The company posted huge earnings on selling smartphone’s image sensors. In fact, the PlayStation 4’s shipping is decreasing each year, from 3.6 million units sold down to 3.2 million units. According to Wall Street Journal, PlayStation is aging.

Analysts have been predicting that the PS5 will be announced in 2018. However, a lot of them don’t have the same prediction. Damian Thong, analyst at Macquarie Capital Securities, says that the company will announce PlayStation 5 in 2018’s 2nd half. Michael Pachter, analyst at Wedbush Securities, says that Sony will announce PS5 in 2019.

2018 May Be Too Early

Pachter may have the correct prediction. It does not make sense for the company to begin the process of launching, promoting, revealing, and teasing the PS5 in 2018 in the current state of the market.

The company, first of all, is no rush. By a very wide margin, Sony is the market leader. On the other hand, other companies, such as Nintendo, had to cut the lifespans of its consoles short due to low performance. Sony is a lot farther from that situation. The company had the most successful consoles for years.

Slowly but Surely

Also, Sony’s console gen is very unique that the company had offered a “mid-gen” upgrade (PlayStation 4 Pro). It is a console that performs better. The company did not make the leap to another new gen console; they created instead an upgraded version of the original PlayStation 4. This has the possibility in lengthening PS4’s lifespan beyond what we have previously seen because of the fact that PS4 Pro could improve game performance. Announcing PlayStation 5 for a short time after PS4 Pro doesn’t seem to fit well.

2019 is probably the best year. That is 3 years after the release of PS4 Pro and 6 years after the release of PS4. If Sony releases the PlayStation 5 in 2019, it will only mean that the company will have the only major piece of new hardware on the market. Also, it will put Nintendo and Microsoft in an odd spot. This is because 2019 would be just 2 and half years after the release of switch and 2 years after the release of Xbox One X.

We might see a few teases about PlayStation 5 in E3 2018. However, it might be only very little.

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