Spider-Man: Before Insomniac

Insomniac Games will be bringing Spider-Man’s world to fans in glorious graphics. You should really know what Insomniac is able to do if you have played Ratchet and Clank or Sunset Overdrive.

This can be a Spidey game that would appeal to a whole new generation of gamers. What about the past games?

Old Spider-Man Games

There are a lot of Spider-Man games as it turns out. These games have managed holding their own to deliver the story’s action comedy. For instance, Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage. This game is based on a comic of the same name. The gameplay was simple since it was a Super Nintendo game.

You will have to choose occasionally a different character and fight an enemy, beat up goons, and navigate levels. You’ll have to do it again and again until you get to Carnage. The game is a decent try at adapting a great comic.

Spider-Man (2000) for the N64, Game Boy, and PS One came along and brought the action adventure realm. The game was developed by Neversoft. It was the same developer who made Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Fame.

Parade of Spider-Man Games

Luckily, the first Spider-Man Movie would not be too far.Spider-Man (2002) game was based off the movie and again went with the action adventure path. Fans receive quickly Spider-Man 2 based on the film with how the first game sold well. The march of boring games didn’t stop.

However, Spider-Man showcased a new and exciting route in 2005 with the Ultimate Spider-Man by Treyarch. The game introduces a free roaming in a huge city and a brand new story. It might have been evaluated for its repetition. However, the game highlighted a game that is open world and did not suck.

But, Treyarch went away to work on Call of Duty. That left us with Beenox. Luckily, Beenox created the game with action platformer/adventure Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. It is a game where gamers can take control of several different Spider-Men

The developer attempted to repeat the success of the game with a new one – Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. This game now focused on 2 Spider-Men. Critics have mixed reactions to the game.

Spider-Man will appeal us always, even though the games might have not. However, it still gave us a chance to play as him. Now, let us see if the upcoming Spider-Man (2018) would change everything.

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