Xbox One X is Now Joining the 4K Console Wars

Microsoft will officially join the 4K console wars with its Xbox One X starting this fall. This means that the age of the 4K console wars has arrived.

Many people, of course, have a lot of questions regarding the forthcoming console. However, there is one question that they won’t have to ask anymore. And that is about the 4K asset updates of the Xbox One X

Downloading the 4K Assets

The company revealed that Xbox One S and Xbox One users should not worry about downloading 4K assets to their consoles for the updates of the Xbox One X. For those fans who don’t know, several titles will receive 4K updates for the Xbox One X for free. When available, players will be able to play the older and current Xbox One games in 4K.

On the Xbox One X, the 4K update for games such as Forza Motorsport 7 is 100GB. This is undeniably enormous. Gamers will have no choice but to open their bandwidth to that patch since they have already reckoned the costs. Luckily, Non-Xbox One X users won’t have to fret about the update. This is because the 4K updates, which are around 100GB, will not be downloaded automatically to the Xbox One S and Xbox One. So, Xbox One X users with limited bandwidth should remember that the updates will be automatic for them.

Absolutely Different for PS4 Owners

Unfortunately, according to PC Mag, PS4 owners are required to download 4K assets in updates that are created available for the PS4 Pro. This means that as a PS4 user, you are still going to have to download the 4K-ready update even if you don’t want to.

On Sony’s end, it is a bit easier for studios and developers working on 4K assets. This is because most assets are already created or designed at the uppermost detail level, oftentimes up to 8K. On the current-gen hardware, they will then just cut down to operate at best performance.

On the side of Microsoft, developers and studios have to do a little more work. It includes working as data traffic controllers to know which systems in what regions will receive the assets. However, it is more consumer-friendly to not require Xbox One S and Xbox One users to upgrade with 4K assets. It all depends on the customers, especially now that more games are upgrading to 4K

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