Google to Release Own Smartphone

By the end of this year, tech giant Google is set to launch a handset model of its very own.

While it has no name yet, it is poised to correct the problems and issues associated with the freedom of the Android phone model.

This is a first for Google, given that it is known to set itself apart from Apple by being limited to just managing the software, while allowing other brands to use it for their smartphones. As a matter of fact, they endorse companies including Huawei and LG, who make use of their OS for their respective units.

This time however, Google is currently in talks with mobile giants about launching their very own Google-branded phone, which will effectively allow Google to venture into the hardware aspect. Problems associated with the “freeness” of android phones include a profound lack of consistency, and how the whole OS is fragmenting, which ideally, should be a more controlled and more consistent platform. Rick Osterloh, Motorola’s former president, has been hired to take control of Google’s recently launched hardware division.

With Google having their own line of phones, the future of its services offered, including its own search engine, and the Google Play app store is made more secure. Despite this, it is claimed that Google will still continue the support they pledged with other manufacturers.

This development could also give a new aspect to the claims of the EU that Google is abusing the dominance of Android in the market through monopolizing it, and using the Google Play Store and Android popularity to boost the profiles of its own search engine and the Chrome Web browser.


Despite all this hype, however, Google has not commented any further.


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