Intel Calls for Urgent Fitness Watch Recall

 The Basis Peak brand is the first line of smart watches sold after Intel’s acquisition of Basis in 2014, which was a deal worth $100 million.

The smart watch is capable of checking its user’s sweat output, heart rate, and physical movements, and was deemed more advanced compared to other competing brands.

Recently, however, Intel has urged Basis Peak to return the watches as soon as conveniently possible, for a full refund.

The recall, as announced on Wednesday, stems from safety issues, such as causing blisters and burns on the user’s wrists, due to overheating of the device. Because of this, users are also urged to stop wearing the device as a means to keep safe.

This is considered to be a setback in the company’s initiatives and efforts to revive and extend its business, and to counter the decrease in demand in the PC industry.

The company has said that they tried their best to prevent this from happening, through updating the software. Their efforts, however, have proven to be futile, and that consumer safety is at the top of their priorities.

As of June, 0.2% of the watches sold have experienced this kind of malfunction.

Intel has yet to release further statements on this matter.

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