iOS 10 to add New Feature to Health App

The health care sector of Apple Apps is improving year after year.

Part of the new additions planned for iOS 10 include users being able to sign up to become organ donors.

Apple’s Health app will already allow users to register donors of tissue, eyes, and other organs with the launch of the iOS 10 this fall season. This new addition aims to increase awareness and knowledge of Apple users on organ donations by making the registration process for being an organ donor much easier.

Health developments in mobile technology have already been on the increase through the years, a lot of which have enabled users to read and record vital statistics, and in turn, have an overview of their physical health.

Apple’s own previous developments include EpiWatch, which allows the Apple Watch to help monitor the condition of epileptic seizures, ResearchKit and CareKit. The former gives people the chance to submit themselves to medical research and projects, which the latter was crafted to help track and monitor various health conditions.

The organ donation registrations through Apple’s Health App are then forwarded to the National Donate Life Registry, operated by Donate Life America, a non-profit organization.

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