Iris Scanners to be Integrated with Football within the Decade

iris scan for security or identification. Eye with scanner and computer interface

In a survey among 2000 football fans as to what advancements they wish to see take place within 10 years, more than 50% of the respondents said that they are expecting video refereeing, instead of the traditional live refereeing.


Another technology believed by 19% of the fans of the sport to be implemented include iris scanners, which will take the place of physical tickets, as a way to enter coliseums.


A further 38% of the respondents wanted to see the game from the perspective of the players on field, by attaching cameras onto the players, and many others.


Other changes deemed welcome by the respondents include the transfer fee of £200 million, having a winter break, and female referees to facilitate the game.


The winter break for players has already been introduced in Spain, Germany, Italy, and France, and is already being considered by the Football Association of the UK as well.


Technological Innovations across the decade are believed to take on a significant part when it comes to the advancements in football. A lot of these technologies are aimed at giving viewers the ultimate viewing experience, together with innovations in refereeing via video, and convictions after a match through video playback.

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