Lawsuit vs. Isohunt Owner Settled

In 2013, popular piracy site Isohunt was closed after a case filed which dates back to 2008, a legal order issued by Music Canada in a bid to cease the site’s operations.

The site adapted a similar format to that of Pirate Bay, wherein site visitors are merely given links which direct them to whatever contented they wish to pirate.

A court order which lays out the fee details states that the charges amounted to a total of C$10m for damages which were deemed “aggravated, exemplary, and punitive” plus a further C$1m for legal costs. When converted to US dollars, it would total $50 million.

Gary Fung, the owner of Isohunt has recently announced that the lawsuit filed by Music Canada has already been settled.

Despite having plenty of site patrons, Fung has stated that it would not leak nor reveal user’s personal data, such as IP and email addresses during court hearings.

Researchers have expressed worries over this case setting a “worrying” precedent for those who operate sites which can direct them to pirated content. Popular social media site Facebook is one of these, as it is a site where people are free to share their favourite songs, and could be an area of concern in terms of copyright issues.



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