MacBook Pro 2017 Possible Unveiling in WWDC 2017

MacBook Pro is indeed a sophisticated hardware. With its slim and sleek design, MacBook Pro stores much power in its portable structure.

However, there is one problem. The MacBook Pro 2016 does not have sufficient horsepower to justify its name “Pro” and its expensive price, especially for those power enthusiasts. But the new MacBook Pro 2017 might focus on all the issues of the 2016 model sooner than people expected.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a KGI Securities analyst, has stated that the lineup of the entire Mac would have an update in 2017 and it includes the MacBook Pro. According to the analyst, MacBook Pro will be given a boost to its processor and memory.

MacBook Pro Update

An upgrade to MacBook Pro 2016’s processor and memory might seem to be bordering boosts. But, these advancements will really go a far distance in creating the MacBook Pro 2017. As of now, MacBook Pro 2016’s Skylake chip-8GB RAM configuration is only good for any basic productivity tasks. And when MacBook Pro users attempt to do some severe image or video creation, the laptop struggles.

The MacBook Pro is currently the most powerful laptop of Apple. However, the laptop can be so much better. The upcoming MacBook Pro 2017 will be released with Intel’s Kaby Lake Chips and it will not be all. It is also expected that the laptop will be equipped with 16 Gigabytes of RAM. That is double the amount in 2016 models. Ming-Chi Kuo also said that a more high-end MacBook Pro, with 32 Gigabyte of RAM, will be launched later this year. This will really prove the name of Apple’s professional laptops.

MacBook Pro 2017 Specs

Apple made a gamble with its MacBook Pro 2016 and unfortunately, it didn’t pay off as much as they expected it. Some of the gambles made by Apple was the removal of USB-C ports. This resulted in making the users struggle to finish their basic tasks. Another gamble was the removal of Apple’s MagSafe power connector.

However, the MacBook Pro 2017 would be much likely the same device that was released in 2016. The upgrade restrictions of the laptop will still be the same, such as lacking of legacy ports. But with the boosted power that Intel’s Kaby Lake processor will give, Apple enthusiasts might surely appreciate it. This might be the time that MacBook Pro 2017 will prove its name.


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