Secure Your Mac with your Fingerprint

If you’re one of those people that have a mac, you might want to consider securing your computer with your fingerprint. Much like Apple’s Touch ID, Mac ID is meant for your computer. If you pay for anything online with your computer or have bank information or credit card information stored on your computer, then you probably find yourself typing in your password a thousand times a day. With Mac ID, all that you need is your fingerprint.

Mac ID is an app that allows your fingerprint to be used instead of a password. It’ll save you time and aggravation. You can’t misspell a fingerprint. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or an Apple Watch, you can use your Bluetooth on these apps, pair them with your computer, and remotely unlock your computer with any of the three devices. You can even configure your devices to automatically have your computer go into lockdown simply by moving away from the computer. Meaning, if you have your phone in your pocket and walk away from your computer, you can set a distance configuration on the phone to automatically lock your computer when the phone is out of range.

MacID can be configured to operate with slightly older models of iPhones stemming back to the iPhone 4S. The device must support Bluetooth LE. The Macbooks that can use the app can go back as far as MacBooks 2011. So how do you use it? First, download the MacID from the app store for both your mac and your iPhone.

Open the Mac app and choose “Add iOS Device”. (The Bluetooth of both devices needs to be on)

Once the iOS app is open, both devices should see each other.

The Mac Helper will ask you for your user account password. (Once you save your password, the apps icons should appear on your menu bar.)

Set up TouchID on your phone.

In the iOS app tap on the Macs name to make it lock the screen and then tap it a second time to unlock it. You should be prompted to use your fingerprint to unlock it.


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