Why Upgrade to macOS High Sierra

The new version of Apple’s macOS came out today. Though most upgrades are out of sight and under the hood, there is a really good new feature inside Safari that’s certainly worth upgrading for.

Safari now mutes automatically autoplaying videos in High Sierra. The upgrade to High Sierra will be available for all Macs launched since 2010 and several Macs released in 2009 too. The update is also free. Also, you could get the Safari upgrade on prior versions of MacOS by upgrading to Safari 11.

The Improved Safari

Apple is claiming that the new Safari is the fastest web browser in the world. Some experts confirmed that it was faster than both Firefox and Chrome on their MacBook Air. While the two browsers clocked in a score of 129, Safari 11 came in a score of around 176. However, according to some experts, you may still rely on the other browsers since several services of Google only work on Chrome. Also, Firefox is usually the browser used by people for dealing with work related stuff.

The new Safari mutes autoplaying site videos by default. This should help deliver some peace as more websites force annoying video on their visitors. You could also automatically enable the improved “Reader” feature for certain websites. Or, you could have it turn automatically for each site that supports the feature.

That is something you could do with Chrome only via hack settings or by downloading 3rd party extensions. The company is also claiming that Safari would let you surf the internet for 2 hours longer than the other browsers.

Virtual Reality Support

MacOS finally can handle VR thanks to the updated graphics API of Apple, the Metal 2. Currently, it is restricted to the HTC Vive. So, if you are an Oculus Rift user, you still have to wait. Also, not every game supports Macs yet, just like with usual titles.

Metal 2 also makes High Sierra more effective at rendering typical UI elements and windows, especially if you got a good dedicated GPU.


All of other Image updates from iOS 11 are also in High Sierra. This includes wider assortment of image filters, more automatic Memories options, and smarter people recognition. One helpful update – 3rd party companies could now make extensions for Photos. This lets you do stuff like make photo books without closing the application.


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