Mix and Match Graphics Cards, Imagine the Possibilities

For years we have wanted to be able to mix and match video cards, the benefits of this would be mind-blowing. Unfortunately this has never been possible, if you wanted to double up on a video card you had to be brand specific and you could hook up two of one brand but not a mix of multiple brands. Fortunately for the gaming community very soon we may be able to pair up any video cards of our choice.

Stardock (a firm famous for their customizable software for Windows) is already well known for projects like their desktop organization utilities and start menu alternatives. They have recently announced a new project that will allow gamers to combine AMD and NVidia graphics cards. This new program would enable to mix and match any old graphics card in order to boost power to your display. You will no longer have to match brand or model (I.E. two GTX960’s).

The goal here is less fuss, the user will just have to place the second card in an available PCIe slot and be good to go. If the bugs can all be worked out there is little doubt that this new development will be a “game changer’ as Brad Wardell (CEO of Stardock) called it.

What everyone is really talking about is the repercussions this could have for the graphic card manufacturers. This would allow gamers to boost the power of a mid-grade card exponentially with any cheap card on the market. Effectively this would give the gamer the same performance as a top end card, with a price point that will make the “high end” card market obsolete. Or if you had an old card lying around you would be able to get a significant boost without needing to buy any new card at all.

This is an extremely exciting prospect, and whether or not the software will make it to the consumer is yet to be seen. If it does though, the sky is truly the limit as to what will be possible without having to break the bank.

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