Nintendo NX to Have Detachable Controllers

A patent application has just been filed by Nintendo, which shows an infrared controller as part of its new console.


This has strengthened previous rumours on the Nintendo NX, that it would be a hybrid of a mobile and home console, as their latest one will be having removable controllers. The NX is widely believed to be a mobile console, but can be connected to user’s TVs, just like playing games on a home console.

While it remains to be seen whether the face buttons you’d also find on traditional controllers are merely an add-on needed to play the console at home or are permanent instalments, it’s certain that it would be a feature of the Nintendo NX.


Other features of the Nintendo NX, as the patent says is the use of an infrared camera to read button presses, instead of making use of an electrical component to do so. This move is viewed as a money-saving scheme by the console manufacturer, given that they are determined to earn instead of incurring losses this time around.


The Nintendo NX is also believed to be the console giant’s way of abandoning separate handheld and home devices in favour of developing a single unit.


The console is expected to be released sometime in March 2017.







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