The Earth’s Atmosphere Might Host ‘Alien Life’

Extraterrestrial life has baffled humanity for centuries. Now, researchers suggest that our very own atmosphere might host alien life forms.

In recent years, there have been a lot of surprising discoveries that prove life exists even in the most unthinkable places here on Earth. These organisms are called extremophiles.

This is the main reason why researchers are still undergoing several types of research that push the boundary of the requirements for living organisms to basically “live.” A recent study had just been conducted by students at the University of Houston.

This research aims to study more about the status and situation of microbes and organisms that are residing in the planet’s high atmosphere zone. This is the 18 km to 50 km zone from the surface.

The Search for Alien Life on Earth Continues

For the researchers, this study is very important. This is because it will test whether the planet’s upper atmosphere is conducive for living. What this means is that microorganisms might still be able to exist even in the upper portion of the atmosphere.

According to the researchers, the microorganisms that might live up there might not thrive at all. There is a huge chance that they are just merely surviving. For now, researchers still need to do a lot of continuous work. There is still a huge possibility that life could indeed be present up above, or even beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

Final Verdict

Who knows? With the recent discoveries that life exists in extreme temperatures, such as in volcano vents and high-pressure zones on the ocean’s surface, the possibility that there is life, even at the micro level is still plausible.

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