Alien Life On Jupiter

The moons of Jupiter have been shrouded in mystery for quite some time now, especially the moon Europa. Some say that extraterrestrial life can exist on that moon. This is thanks to the environment that could sustain life, even at the microbial level.

Extraterrestrial life has been one of the most interesting topics that most people of today want to tackle. Now, reports suggest of Europe, one of Jupiter’s moon can sustain life. Some say that it could be able to host extraterrestrial life forms.

With all of these probabilities and talks, NASA has considered a possible mission that could send a probe carrying a lander right into the icy surface of Europa. This is in hopes of looking for signs of extraterrestrial life. The odds suggest that what future landers might find there is microbial life. This is just like the bacteria and viruses that are present in our world.

One of the reports suggests that Europa might be the answers to the age-old question of, “Are we alone in the universe?” NASA’s missions would be to analyze the surface of Europa and know whether it is habitable or not if ever the plan pushes through. The surface’s characteristics as well as what is under the surface will also be analyzed. If this happens, then this would be the stepping stone for future Europa missions.

Ocean Underneath Europa’s Surface

Currently, most scientists agree that Europa does have an ocean that is made of saltwater just of what our planet has. However, this is under the icy crust. If this is proven to be true, then the possibility of life would be very likely, as saltwater helps sustain life. With this, one can then think that there might be alien aquatic life forms in that moon.

Its oceans are also very likely to be in contact with the rocky seafloor, which makes chemical reactions then again, very likely to happen. This is one of the best reasons why there might indeed be extraterrestrial life in that icy moon’s surface.

Slowly But Surely

Unfortunately, all of these won’t happen any time soon. Reports suggest that if NASA was to put a lander on the surface of Europa by April 2031, it should have launched the mission in as early as a few years, in 2024 perhaps.

As of the mean time, what NASA should do is to first successfully complete its flyby mission in Europa. Even though the progress is quite slow, it would still be totally worth it in the end.

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