SpaceX To and Its First Falcon-9 Land Landing

Just earlier today, SpaceX has just confirmed the launching of the NROL-76.

The NROL-76 will be aboard a Falcon 9 rocket and will be launched at SpaceX’s Kennedy Space Center, Florida. The launch window is approximately two hours, will open on April 30, Sunday, at exactly 7:00 A.M. ET.

SpaceX’s Secondary Mission

According to Yahoo!, SpaceX is planning to conduct a secondary mission. This will go in line with their primary mission which is to deliver theNROL-76 to Space. The said secondary mission is going to be an attempt of trying to land the Falcon 9’s first stage on land.

The coordinates would indicate that the landing would set stage at Landing Zone 1 in Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. As what has always been the case, SpaceX has always recovered every Falcon 9 first stages from its previous missions at seas via SpaceX’s Spaceport Drone Ships.

The site of Space Launch Complex 13 is where the said Landing Zone was formerly built on. It was formerly a rocket and missile testing range for the United States Air Force.

Residents To Experience Sonic Boom

In addition, SpaceX has also advised residents of Central Florida about the occurrence of one or even multiple sonic booms during the Falcon 9 landing. The thunder-like noise of a sonic boom occurs whenever a flying aircraft breaks the speed of sound.

For more information regarding SpaceX’s landing attempt, Central Florida residents are also advised to head to the launch webcast of the company and follow every happening online. The webcast is at, and will go live at exactly 6:45 A.M. ET which is the said landing date.

What is SpaceX?

SpaceX is a company that architects, develops, and launches one of world’s most highly-advanced and cost-effective rockets and other spacecraft. Established in 2002 by multi-billionaire Elon Musk, SpaceX is aiming to improve space transportation. SpaceX’s ultimate goal is to enable people to travel and colonize space. SpaceX is one of the most innovative and thought provoking companies in the world. With enough effort, it may be able to reach its goals in the future.

Finally, SpaceX is currently thriving and beating all of its competitors when it comes to pursuing the improvement of space technology. They have done this through their sheer hard work and passion. You can check out SpaceX’s official website, at, if you want to know more about it.

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