SpaceX Space Suit, Falcon Heavy Coming Soon

The last side booster of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy was spotted yesterday on its way to Texas from Florida. It is alleged to go to Texas at McGregor facilities of SpaceX for a static fire testing.

Falcon Heavy

SpaceX fans around the U.S. have shared consistently observations and images of Falcon Heavy and Falcon 9 boosters. This happened while they were conveyed through their cities. Several people have been using these to track the progress. These people consider themselves true Elon Musk fans as they are really dedicated to SpaceX.

Few people have spotted independently all 3 cores of Falcon Heavy inside LC-39A assimilation facility of SpaceX. The facility is located at Cape Canaveral. One of the boosters is believed to have been modified and restored for its new use as a booster for Falcon Heavy. That booster was once used in launching CRS-9 last January 2017. This means that the company has considerably developed its facilities. It can now open more opportunities for the future of their reuse and restoration program.

However, the booster of Falcon Heavy has to do some full live testing still. It has since been seen during the convoy across the United States. It was originally stored in Florida and will be tested in Texas. It will likelyperform thorough static fire testing once it arrives at the McGregor facility. It will be transported back to Cape Canaveral. It is where the inaugural launch of Falcon Heavy will happen sometime in December or November.

SpaceX Space Suits

SpaceX has indeed been very busy in their restoration and reuse program. However, we might have forgotten that SpaceX is preparing also for the possibility of sending people to space.

The company is actually creating probably the next-gen space suits for NASA. It is part of SpaceX’s Commercial Crew Program. On Saturday, Elon Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX, tweeted on his official account that soon we will get a preview of what the space suit would look like.

Few years ago, Musk said in a Reddit AMA that the space suit of SpaceX must work well and must look like a space suit of 21st century. We could think the space suit to look pretty cool only if the space suit will look like what Musk had modeled in an interview with fashion magazine Vogue several years ago.

Also, Musk mentioned in his tweet that the company is still performing tests for the upcoming space suit.


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