Total Solar Eclipse: Where to Watch?

For those individuals who do not know, the hype of the total eclipse has spread across the United States. And it has a good reason.

The upcoming astronomical event, which will happen on Monday, will be the 1st total solar eclipse since 1979 in the United States. You could see the eclipse as a partial solar eclipse from across the United States, starting at 9:05 AM PDT in Lincoln City, Oregon.

At 10:16 AM, it will become a total solar eclipse. Then, the astronomical event will make its way across the nation. It will end near Columbia, South Carolina at 2:44 PM EDT. If the people in these countries have legit viewing glasses for solar eclipse, then it will provide free entertainment for everyone.

Two Live Streams

One good news coming from NASA. They are providing not only one, but two live streams of the eclipse for interested individuals. The television service of the space agency, NASA TV, will live stream footage compiled from their high-end video feeds.

This includes specially modified telescopes, high-altitude balloons, spacecraft, eclipse jet, and even from onboard the ISS (International Space Station). You could stream the once in a lifetime phenomenon on your preferred platform. This includes Facebook Live, Twitch, Periscope, and YouTube.

NASA will also provide a live stream video from their unscripted live feed, the NASA EDGE. And, you are probably going to want to be watching the unscripted feed of NASA if ever aliens show up during the total solar eclipse.

Volvo and CNN

These two would offer a view of the eclipse in a 360-degree video. The videos will be coming from different areas along the path of the event. If ever you find reality a little bit boring, you could stream the video in your virtual reality device. You could watch the live stream at 12:02 PM EDT.

However, if ever you miss this amazing event, you could tune in to “Eclipse over America” of NOVA. It will premiere on Monday night and it will repeat the event.

Do not forget to use the hashtag of Twitter #Eclipse2017 whichever live broadcast you will follow. You must really make an effort to see the event, whether you will have a partial solar eclipse or you are in the totality line. This is an event that happens once in your life, you might not get another one.

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