What’s Up with Elon Musk’s Mars Colony?

Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO will be giving a huge update on Friday on his plans to colonize Mars. It will be held during a presentation at Australia’s International Astronautical Congress.

The update will be an addition to what we said at the IAC conference in Mexico last year – where he unveiled the complete structure of the plan to send thousands of individuals to Mars. This time around, it appears that Musk’s speech might revolve around making the idea more possible. This means scaling down things.

Musk has given only several hints about what he will talk about on Friday. However, we could possibly expect the announcement of a smaller vehicle launch and concepts for how to pay for the expensive costs of building such vehicle. Also, Musk said that there would be several surprises regarding how the motor vehicle would be utilized.

A Smaller Rocket

Vital to the Mars colonization plans of Musk is a huge spaceship and rocket combo titled the Interplanetary Transport System that would be utilized to transport individuals to and from Mars. However, he has recommended several times last year that he would show a new, tinier model of the rocket/spaceship in the hunt for realism.

The recent vision for the Interplanetary Transport System is a vehicle that could carry a ship transporting around 100 people. The majority of the vehicle’s booster is hypothetically would land back on Earth after its launch. In the meantime, the ship portion is meant to stay in orbit, waiting for another takeoff that would bring the fuel it requires to continue traveling to Mars.


A more versatile and smaller rocket might help with other vital problem surrounding the Mars ambitions of Musk – affordability. One of the main disapprovals of the idea of Musk last year was simply how impractical it appeared in terms of timeline and development costs.

SpaceX is recognized for developing cheap rockets. However, a massive rocket the size of ITS will probably cost billions to make. Additionally, Musk said SpaceX can begin transporting the 1st colonists to the Martian surfaces as early as 2024.

He also said that the company is investing only 5% of the resources into the project at the moment. Since making a smaller vehicle might turn out to be somewhat inexpensive in long-term By by simply scaling down the ITS, it can surely help with costs.


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