Patent filed by Apple for Live Camera Deactivating Technology

A lot of artists and live performers have been clamouring lately about audience members recording their live performances.

The reason behind this is because of the nuisance it causes to those who are watching.

To help solve this, a company has come up with a new technology which makes use of infrared beams which deactivates camera phone functions of those who are within the vicinity of the event.

Whenever it is activated, it works by having the phone to display a “recording disabled” message upon the user trying to capture the event with his or her phone camera. Other versions of this technology include the application of a blur or watermark, as a means of deterring sharing the videos. For this particular technology to be used, infrared transmitters would have to be put up in the venues of shows.

Other attempts to prevent filming and taking pictures of live events have already began in China, where they shine lasers on users caught using their mobile phones in the midst of live performances. This has recently been used by Jermyn Street Theatre in London.

A lot of performers have lauded and approved of this new techonology, as a lot of them would most definitely appreciate their fans and viewers enjoying the show in real life, in real time, rather than with their camera.

Despite the technology being patented by Apple, it remains to be seen whether it would be used on their future iPhone releases.

One major downside which is a major point of concern for the implementation of this technology, however, is that oppressive law enforcement and regimes could abuse the exact same technology through preventing people from filming seemingly negative or oppressive acts.


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