Pepper: World’s First Social Robot  

Pepper, the 1st “social” robot of the world, will be chatting, dancing, and joking with people to the largest robotics festival in Brisbane, Australia this August.

Pepper will be at the Robotronica Festival, which opens at QUT’s Gardens Point campus on 20th of August. The interactive show of Pepper would show off its social skills. Several audiences will be invited to speak with the robot after the onstage demo.

Pepper the Robot

The robotics festival also would have a series of discussions and presentations, a preview into the hospitals of the future, and robot battles.

Belinda Ward, the project manager at Australian Center for Robotic Vision, has been a part of the QUT team what works on Pepper.

According to Ward, Pepper is truly made to be a companion robot. It is not actually designed doing physical works as much as to be there to get people interacting, to give details, and to have a conversation with.

The new technology to the camera-based vision of Pepper is applied with the help of the Australian Center for Robotic Vision. This means that Pepper could navigate its surroundings and identify things a lot better.

The company that designed Pepper, Researchers at Softbank Robotics, wishes social robots would be a popular sight in houses soon.

Ward says she can see definitely the robots having a great role at some point.

According to Ward, she is not sure if she will have a robot at home together with her. However, she thinks it might well occur in more public environments.

She also says that when you go into a healthcare facility or a hospital, it may be a lot reasons to be met by a robot who may help you.

Largest Robotics Festival in Australia

A range of activities and displays will also be showed. These will be all about the latest robotic applications in education and healthcare will be shown alongside Pepper.

The Futuristic Hospital will feature new technology that would be essential to the healthcare’s future. Mia Woodruff, a professor at QUIT, has been included in the showcase. It has also been said that there will be educational elements.

According to Woodruff, people would be able to scan their faces in a quick and non-invasive way. And then see how they make a 3D image out of that.

The robotics festival would also explore what effects a robot will have on the future of several industries.

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