Privacy Issue for Pokemon Go on iOS fixed

Niantic Labs, the firm behind the top-selling app Pokemon Go, has confirmed that the “Full Access” error for Google accounts has been fixed.

It has been found out that the said firm has observed user agreements which are outdated. It was recently discovered that for iOS users, those who availed of the Pokemon Go app were told that it would have full access to their Google account, which could, in theory, permit Niantic Labs to open the Gmail and Drive accounts of the users who choose to download Pokemon Go on the app store.

This error has been viewed by users as a potential harm for the privacy of their respective accounts. The firm, however has stated that it has worked on fixing the said issue the moment it was discovered, and that only the basic information that they need have been accessed by them, including user IDs and email addresses.

Pokemon Go has recently become the top app on both Google Play Store and Apple’s App store soon after it was released in New Zealand, Australia, and the US, earning as much as $1m for Niantic Labs.

The same problem, however, was not reported by Android users who obtained the app from the Play Store, and Google has not yet commented on the said issue.




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