Rumored iPhone 7 photos leaked

The French technology blog Nowhereelse has just recently leaked what is said to be Apple’s iPhone 7.

The said post is said to bear a lot of the new features of the model, some of which, include having stereo speakers, the abandonment of the 3.5mm headphone jack, change in the position of the antennae bars, dual camera lens, among others.

Should the rumours circulating be proven right, a dual camera will also be present in the iPhone 7, and could either be part of an iPhone 7 plus model with a 5.5-inch-screen, apart from the standard iPhone 7 screen of 4.7 inches. For the latter model, it may also have a bigger hole for the camera.

Despite announcing that only minor modifications may be done for the this year’s iPhone release, a lot of sales talking and convincing has to be done by Apple to its consumers, given that its sales have been on the downside lately.

The production of the upcoming model is already well underway. The French tech blog which leak the photos claim to obtain them within the subcontractor factories of Pegatron, which happens to be the backup company for Foxconn, the iPhone’s key manufacturer.

None of these rumours, as of writing, however can be verified, as Apple has not yet officially released further details.



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