Technology Against “Robocalls” Developed

 America has been disturbed by Robocalls so much, that as much as 10 billion of these have been made from January to May of this year alone.

Moreover, the Federal Trade Commission has noted that complaints regarding these calls have gone up by as much as 50% this year alone.

These computer-generated calls are made either to sell something or are used as a means of scamming. They are also often unwanted and often come at inconvenient times.

These abusive and illegal scams made via telephone cost $350 million annually, and Aaron Foss has a solution for this.

Dubbed as the “Nomorobo”, the device works through spotting high-frequency patterns for calling and answering them before a person actually deals with it.

According to its creator, Aaron Foss, the Nomorobo now answers as much as 39,000 calls per hour.

It costs nothing to install on a landline, and the app for cell phones cost around $5 a month.


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