The Internet of Things Continues to Revolutionize Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) is just gearing up with technological items to satisfy the holders of over six billion Internet connected devices around the globe. Rapid communication from sensors and smart items improves health and safety in ways we never imagined.

The question of concussions and effects of impact during sporting events has been addressed by a multisport helmet sensor. Shockbox, available on iOS and Android, is a combination of sensor and app that attaches to helmets. Effects of a head impact are quickly measured and sent to the coach’s Bluetooth or parent’s Smartphone so they can determine the appropriate action. Symptoms continue to be recorded to analyze the player’s overall condition. .

GreatCall recently bought over Lively and its smartwatch, designed to provide information about the health of senior citizens, particularly when they live on their own. The remote health monitoring counts daily steps. The wearer taps the watch face to activate an emergency assist button that sends an alert to call and check on the wearer. Sensors placed around the home allow Lively to track habits. Examples are taking medicine and opening the refrigerator. Family can review the data on an online hub and take action if changes indicate a problem.

Amazon Dash has taken online shopping to the next level. Physical branded buttons link to products used in the home. A consumer only has to push the Dash button for that product to have it immediately reordered. The hassle of logging into the site and adding the payment data is eliminated, saving time and increasing customer satisfaction.

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