Robotics Competition

Alberta has long been known for its schools that are very enthusiastic about robotics, and now, they will be showcasing just that as top young Alberta engineers will face off in Edmonton this weekend with robots that they designed and built themselves.

The students have spent months working on their robots. This weekends event will be the culmination of all their hard work, as each team will have two minutes in a ring on Sunday to show what their robots could do.

Stiff Competition for the Future

Trevor Dawyd, a high school student who attends Lillian Osborne High School in Edmonton, claimed that there’s a lot of pressure going on the teams to get their robots to pick up little plastic balls and be able to shoot them accurately into a round hoop in the shortest time frame. “In two minutes, we will try to get as many points as we could can,” he said.

His team’s robot, which, like all the other teams’ robots, was supposed to feature both self-operating and control operating options, have struggled in the early round with the autonomous function. Dawyd said that they took what they have learned from that round to make the necessary improvements

Works on Autonomous Technology

Connor Bresee, another high schooler who attends Lacombe Composite High School, said his team also had the same difficulty with the autonomous function.”We just didn’t turn it on since it has a chance to make the robot’s driver-controlled one, which does work, but it didn’t work, which was unfortunate,” Bresee said.

He said the process, which is all about trial and error, has taught him the value of perseverance and not giving up. “Determination and resiliency are just about a lot of what I learned today,” Bresee said.  “All the pieces and action needed to make it work well are all there, but they need to be refined so that they are going to be more accurate.”

Jennifer Gemmell, the program manager of Telus World of Science’s science garage, said the event would students a taste of what real robotics and engineering could be like as a straight-up career. “A lot of creativity could be done. There’s also lots of different ways to that you can do to express yourself with your robot. And there’s lots of different that you can complete each challenge,” Gemmel said.

The event will be running all weekend and will end on Sunday, along with the results as to who is the winning team of the robotics showdown.

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