Facebook Introduces New Software Named ‘Work’



After two years of private testing, Facebook will release their new software called “Work” to the world. The app and website resemble the most famous social media application used today with an exception of it, being applicable only to workers of a certain company. It charges a pay per user system and includes features to make your workplace more accessible in today’s modern world.

What is “Work”?

Formerly called “Facebook at Work” and “Workplace”, Work is like the work-friendly version of Facebook. It allows the users to post about a certain work, discuss projects by groups online or watch a live video broadcast of a company executive. Work has a different registration and member system from Facebook, allowing them to be more productive during work hours.

Unlike the free usage of Facebook, companies have to pay $1 to $3 per user, depending on how many employees the company has. “Work” focuses more on messaging and group conversations and won’t include a tool for making documents. Its pages also have no advertisements, ensuring less distraction as possible.

Work will be competing against already established applications like Slack and Microsoft’s Yammer, both having the same features and offerings as Work. But Facebook’s rising exposure and popularity will propel them to the top. With over 60 million daily users of Facebook, there’s no doubt that it will topple the said competition. Plus the easy and simplicity of Work will truly put them above all else.

“Workplace will help more companies create the kind of open culture that encourages people to connect and share,” said CEO Mark Zuckerberg. This is to emphasize his point on the feedbacks on the new software as very positive to workers and companies alike.

As of today, there are over 1000 companies enjoying the free beta testing of the new software, Work.

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