Facebook And Google To Take Action On Fake News Websites  


Two of the most famous and major websites, Facebook and Google, recently pledged to stop and take immediate action regarding advertising fake news websites. This call for action sprouted due to the accusation these two websites have received during the United States election time.

Facebook had added fake news websites to their existing list of banned advertisements. This list also includes; guns and gambling, among others. While Google quickly followed saying that they will no longer let fake news websites use their software for advertising.

Fake news websites

These fake news websites have continuously proven to be a menace in the society for they spread the wrong kind of information to everyone. And since their medium of advertising is posted in widely known and legit sites, people tend to believe them. This dilemma had reached its peak during the recently concluded election, wherein tons of fake news are being advertised saying false information. Facebook and Google’s banning action came from the criticism for assisting these websites in spreading fake news.

Both websites have done its fair share of doing the same action. Facebook, perpetuating these fake news, with one saying that the FBI had raided Hillary Clinton’s house and other absurd news. Google also allowing fake news to advertise itself on their website.

Facebook’s action here is to remove some websites from their Audience Network, so that the sharing of these fake news will be lessened. In the case of Google, they will lost some of their revenue, but will still continue in banning these websites.

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