Tumblr Launches Live Video Feature  


Tumblr, a famous blogging social media site will be soon releasing a live video support feature just like other social media websites available on the internet nowadays. They recently just announced this update confirming the many speculations from users and patrons of the said site. The live video feature by Tumblr will allow its users live stream a video directly into their blog and be able to send push notifications every time someone will go live or someone will reblog a live stream. A lot of users are excited for this feature update since Tumblr is one of the most famous social media sites which do not offer this kind of service.

Twitter’s live video support

Together with the confirmation of the live video support comes instructions and further clarification on how this update will work. Basically, the live video support allows users to live stream directly on to their Dashboard and unlike being a direct copy of something, Tumblr’s live video support will use other existing video streaming sites like YouTube, Kanvas, YouNow and Upclose. In other words, you live stream using these video streaming sites and Tumblr will serve as the publishing site or the canvas.

For users of Tumblr, the live video support will be introduced through the partnered apps and you’ll enable the said feature in another setting. Users with multiple accounts or blogs will be allowed to choose what blog they are going to live stream.

Furthermore, users can save and view the clip as a regular video even after the live stream. Tumblr hopes that this feature will kick off and open a lot of new possibilities.

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