Video Calls To Be Soon Launched By WhatsApp  


With its growing popularity of being a widely used messaging app, WhatsApp hopes to compete with already settled and famous applications such as FaceTime and Skype. This means that they will finally launch a Video Call feature in the near time. This feature will be made available to all Android, iOS and even Windows Phone users. Avid users of the app are getting excited as this feature can open a lot of new possibilities for them.

Video calls

Video calling has been a widely used way of communicating because of its ability to innovate the typical chatting of messages. WhatsApp is now boasting their upcoming feature for it also includes a unique encryption, making it impossible for any person or company to hear your calls. This excites the fans even more for WhatsApp has been known to be the kind of app to value safety and privacy more. This video calling feature will provide their clients with new ways of communicating.

Co-founder of the app, Mr. Jan Koum, told us that the feature will be made available to 18 countries right after its launch in an event in India. The company said that they will try their best to make the feature compatible even on low-end phones. Furthermore, they are hoping that this upcoming launch will catapult them in a place where they can finally level the competition between them and other messaging apps.

For users who are wondering how this feature will work, there are how-to videos which WhatsApp has made to make it all easy for you.

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