WhatsApp introduce GIF sending feature  


WhatsApp just introduced their brand new feature for iOS users, the ability to send GIF through the said app. Avid users of the messaging app are excited as it adds another way of expressing their thoughts. Now, iOS users can sned GIFs to their heart’s content and receive them as well. The said function also comes with a GIF editor which allows you to adds stickers, captions and drawings to their GIF.

This update comes from the competition as it can be noted that Twitter and Facebook had already featured this function. It is expected that it will only be a matter of time before WhatsApp decided to offer this feature as well. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, the messaging app does not have a stock or a library of GIFs made available. In order to send GIF, you have to use a third-party app, like Giphy to find a GIF and send it. However, users can make their own GIF by using videos 6 seconds longer and editing it.

We can recall that WhatsApp also released “Status”, a feature like Snapchat wherein the user can share images and videos, edit it with stickers and captions. This goes to show how WhatsApp is slowly adjusting itself in accordance with the modern world.

The update is still not available on Android, but the company assures us that it will be available soon.

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