Electricity Rates could Spike for 4k TV Owners

Tech savvy individuals who wish to get a hold of 4kTV units have been notified about the high-power consuming screens. It is said that it could, collectively, add more than £80 million to home electricity bills.

British Gas has previously reported that these new 4K TVs consume 33% more energy than other earlier HDTV models.

This is quite alarming, given that 2 million homes are believed to own a 4K TV Unit before the end of 2016. This is believed to cause bills to rise by as much as £2 million. These units make use of 5 folds more power than gaming consoles. It is also 3 times that of laptops. Moreover, the bills are anticipated to surge by more than £80 million three years from now. It will then be projected that 9 million residences would already be owning a 4k TV set, with energy use increasing by 4,264%.

4KTV units will cost you more

This is the first significant documented price hike for power consumption of television sets since the beginning of the decade. Now, brighter lights are necessary to achieve the crisp, clear images that each family wants in a 4K HDTV. These new HD TV sets make viewing up to four times clearer than typical HD, as vibrancy and contrast of colours are also more well-defined.

According the report, in 2001 it cost an average of £14 a year to run a telly rising by 44% to £20 by 2008. The cost has dropped to around £18 thanks to technology firms that have designed more energy efficient models. But it is predicted to go up as more families switch over to electricity heavy 4K technology. This cost has dipped by £2 in the recent years however, thanks to models offering more energy saving feature. But now, it is expected to rise once more households make the switch to 4k HD.

To conserve electricity, it is advised that owners turn them off completely when not in use, and buying those models that give users options to operate them on a much lower power consumption level.

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