Game Of Thrones Takes Place In A Post-Apocalyptic World

Game of Thrones is arguably one of the best TV shows of all-time. It had never failed to captivate our imagination and passion.

Thanks to its historical and medieval theme that perfectly jives with the thrill and mystery of its plot line and characters, it sure has etched a mark in most people’s lives.

But have you ever wondered about the mysterious structures, events, and characters in the show? Based on George R.R. Martin’s novels and HBO’s TV adaptation, the Wall has been frozen for more than a thousand years. But how can that be? One famous theory suggests that it’s not really magic that keeps it frozen for that heck-of-a-long-time. It’s actually science!

Several Proofs Of A Lost Advanced Civilization

There’s some sort of refrigeration technology, just like how cryogenics works in today’s world. Another thing which supports this theory is the very long winter in the Game of Throne’s planet.

Though it would indeed be very impossible to have a planet that has similar types of seasons just like in George R.R. Martin’s novel, it still has some sound basis. In the real world, this type of winter could happen, that is however, a nuclear winter.

A nuclear winter happens right after a global nuclear war. This is the aftermath of the debris that had been bombarded by the nuclear explosions to the planet’s atmosphere. It makes perfect sense why the Game of Thrones’ planet, let’s call it Planetos, would have a very long winter.

Then there are the mega structures in Planetos that are obviously impossible for their present technology to build. The Titan of Braavos, the Eyrie and the Wall are just three of the many landmarks that show a more technologically advanced world before them.

Magic Is Just Science

The White Walkers beyond the wall might also be the product of genetic engineering or biological modification. They might indeed be the result of scientific experimentations that turned out wrong, thousands of years before.

If one was to look at history, one can easily relate it to the novel’s storyline. After the Roman Empire fell, the world began to fall in chaos as well. This then gave rise to the Medieval Period which lacked all the scientific, philosophical, medicinal, and mathematical knowledge that Rome once had.

For now, all of these remain as theories. But all of it makes perfect sense, knowing that George R.R. Martin was once a science fiction writer. Who knows, maybe the finale episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones would end up showing a buried spaceship that’s lost for several millennia. It might just be the case, the real case for the Game of Thrones universe.

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