Hisense 65-inch 4K HDR TV for Only £999


Nowadays,buying a standard 4K TV don’t have to equate towards you going to spend a lot of money.

As of right now, Richer Sounds had just slashed $100 off ofthe Hisense 65M7000 TV. This now brings the price way down to only $999, which is a lot cheaper compared to the $1200 price thatthe said TV was reviewed.

According to Trusted Reviews, the Hisense 65M7000 features a 65-inch 4K Ultra HD screen which also supports HDR content. A quad-core processor also powered the Smart TV. It is also able to showcase a lot of amazing contents like YouTube, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix. In addition, it also has its own built-in web browser.

In-depth Details

The Hisense 65M7000 also has some HDMI sockets on its rear, and three total USB port, and one of it is a USB 3.0. To go along with these connections, the TV also has a headphone socket and optical connection as well.

MostTV Reviewers have given Hisense H65M7000 an impressive 4.5 score. The rating highlights the TV’s very low value yet still possessing animpressive 4K and HDR support. Its decent lighting uniformity, in-depth black, as well as a wide range of connections is also some of the features which make it stand out. Most verdict coming from the experts are all positive, saying that the TV is what everyone needs right now.

Low Cost Premium TV

Some analysts conclude that even though the Hisense H65M7000 is not a Premium TV, it still does impressively well for its amazingly low cost. The TV has truly gone evolved through the passing of time.

If you currently own an older-version HD TV and is looking towards stepping up without having to spend much, the Hisense H65M7000 is for you. For all the casual movie fans who intend to upgrade from HD into UHD, then this TV is the real deal.

Richer Sounds has even personally given the Hisense H65M7000 a 4.6/5 score, which is all based on user reviews. Some comments have even showed praise for the TV.  Most common comments talk of people looking for a budget model need to consider this TV, as it is outstanding and excellent, and is for sale for are really cheap price for a 4K TV.

With all things said, most would agree that the Hisense H65M700 4K TV is of good quality and impressive value. With its price right now, everyone would surely get hooked.

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