‘Knightfall’ Series To Air In History Soon

History will soon unveil its latest TV drama entitled, “Knightfall”. It chronicles the period of the medieval crusades.

History will once again bring to its viewers a new historical TV drama that is set in medieval Europe, “Knightfall”. The upcoming TV series will take place during the final days of the Knights Templar during the early 14th century.

This was the time when all the members of the mysterious militaristic religious group were burned to the stake by Pope Clement V and the French King Philip IV. The series will be focusing on the chronicles of Sir Landry, a leader of the Templar.

New Medieval Series Underway

He will be having a hard time in the show as he is continuously criticized for having failed in a series of undertakings in Jerusalem. However, his hopes went back as news about the resurfacing of the Holy Grail reached him.

According to reports, “Knightfall” will be having a straight 10 episodes throughout its first season. Dominic Minghella will be the executive producer of the show.

Filming of “Knightfall” commenced during the last week of June. The shooting place was in Dubrovnik, located in the souther portion of the Adriatic Sea.

It has also been reported that Douglas Mackinnon will be the series’ main director. With this, it is best for everyone to expect that this series will be an action-packed one, with a little mix of some emotional and historically accurate portrayals.

The Time of the Crusades

Mackinnon was also the director of “Outlander”, which is why “Knightfall” might follow a similar theme from the former. Reports also suggest that one of the highlights of the series will be the Siege of Acre.

Majority of the drama’s filming will take place in Prague, Czech Republic. However, some of its scenes will be filmed in Barrandov Studios.

Battle scenes that will need the help of CGI and the popular green screen will be shot in the studio. Meanwhile, it has also been reported that “Knightfall” takes its realism to the next level. It will also depend less on CGI as real physical structures were put in place in the villages of Pruhonice and Doksany.

Getting to Know the Knights Templar

With all of these being said, “Knightfall” would surely be a successful drama series from History, just like how its “Vikings” series did. As of now, there is still no official word coming from the network as to when it will air the medieval, crusade-themed drama series.

This will surely take on a larger audience, and will bring more viewers to the network. History sure knows how to make historical TV series in an interesting way.

Who knows, maybe after a season or two of “Knightfall”, it will again introduce a new Renaissance-themed series.

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