LG And Samsung In Partnership Over LCD Panel Supply Deal

LG has just went into a partnership deal with its well-known rival, Samsung. Hopefully, this deal will result to a productive endeavor between the two electronic companies.

LG has just entered a deal with Samsung, to supply them with LCD panels. This deal will take effect immediately this year. LG Display is also the main supplier of panel screen to Apple. Now, LG will replace Sharp as the company’s supplier.

Rivals Combine Powers

This partnership deal will be a historic feat as these two companies are two of the fiercest South Korean rivals. Never before have had the two companies used each other’s screen panels.

Sakai Display is under the supervision of Sharp and Foxconn. With it, the supply of LCD screens to the other companies has decreased. This would then cause a potential TV panel supply shortage if the trend continues. Another negative result would be increasing TV prices.

LG and Samsung Set Aside their Differences

With this being said, it makes perfect sense for LG and Samsung to combine forces. With their supply deal, the two rival companies can benefit from each other.

Hopefully, this will create a more competitive and innovative TV and electronic industry. LG and Samsung would surely rise to the top if the two  would lend each other a helping hand.

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