Sony Bravia A1 Hailed As Best OLED 4KTV By Experts

Sony is making sure that it stays on top of the TV industry, with its all-new Bravia A1. Now it’s considered as the best 4KTV by most experts.

Making OLED TVs is indeed the trend today, as what was recently unveiled in the CES 2017. This shows that the TV industry is still continuously evolving, and becoming more competitive as time goes by.

As of now, LG is one of the closes rivals of Sony, together with Panasonic. However, Samsung seems to not be a threat at all as it’s more focused in making smartphones and tablets.

And with the “big three” TV manufacturers, Sony has managed to take the top spot as it confirms its OLED TV plan that will soon be bound for release. Upon its release, the Sony Bravia A1 series will then be the company’s very first large-screen OLED TV.

Sony Wins The OLED 4KTV Category

It will be a 4K UHD TV that will support HDR10 and Dolby Vision. With it is its Hybrid Log-Gamma HDR format that ensures it to have HDR quality display, the trend of most TV screens today, after going past 4K technology.

It has also been reported that the A1 4KTVs will be packed with a new X1 Extreme processor that will be capable of handling big-time loads of information. What this means is that the color gradiation smoothing, noise reduction, and 4K upscaling processes will all be improved.

Surely, its eight million self-illuminating pixels will make this a one-of-a-kind 4KTV. To add up to its technological prowess is the Triluminos Display and 4K X-Reality Pro tech, which will ensure its viewers of an out-of-this-world viewing experience.

Sony Boasts Confidential OLED TV Tech

Now, Sony also takes things to the next level as it takes on OLED screens. Though some companies may have already OLED technology tucked in their sleeves, Sony claims that theirs will still be way different from the rest.

The company claims that this is because of its own confidential technologies used in the manufacturing of the OLED 4KTVs. With this, one can clearly see that the in-TV processing is a very important factor in displaying its final output.

Superior Contrasts and Popping Out Feeling

Analysts and tech experts also praise the Sony Bravia A1 as it has super-deep blacks that offer a great amount of contrast, making the level of depth in the screen stand out. It makes pictures seem to pop out of the screen. This “popping out” feature is the one main characteristic that differentiates OLED 4KTVs from the LED and LCD ones.

Surely, the Sony Bravia A1 is worth trying out, if you want the best TV viewing experience.

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