Vikings Season 5: What To Expect

History’s hit TV series, “Vikings” has just ended its Season 4. Now, the things that people can expect from the next season are all laid out in style.

Season 5 of the Vikings would surely be a different one as it will be the first season where its main protagonists and antagonists, Ragnar Lothbrok and King Ecbert respectively, will be out of the show. However, there will surely be a host of new characters that will continue to keep up with the pace of violence and drama.

Just recently, History has released an official sneak peek into its next Season 5. Now, there would surely be a lot of intriguing and mysterious things that will keep everyone’s curiosity and excitement burning.

The Rise of Bishop Heamund

One of the things to expect is that chaos will surely be upon Lagertha, now that Harald is shown to have a crown on his head. It makes perfect sense for Harald to be the main antagonist of Season 5.

However, Heahmund, who is played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, might have to contend for the antagonist role as he Ivar surely has found a match in him. It is then very likely that Lagertha will fight for the crown, as she battles Harald and his forces.

Knowing that Harald is a real bad-ass, it is most likely that he will turn out to be the victor. Lagertha might then get killed in the process.

Floki Discovers Iceland

Meanwhile, Floki might just have wandered off into Iceland. This is after he left the Danish forces in England following the death of Helga. With this, most historians and viewers believe that Floki is based on a real historical figure named Hrafna-Floki Vligedarson.

He is considered as the first Norseman to have set foot on Iceland. Perhaps Michael Hirst have read about the historical records of the real Floki in the medieval Icelandic book called “Landnamabok”.

One of the reasons as to why this speculation is very plausible is due to the fact that Michael Hirst confirms that they will be filming some scene of season 5 in Iceland. Reports suggest that “Vikings” season 5, episode 1, will air on November. This is because the series follows a nine-month gap each season.

For now, all we could do is to speculate on the information available. Surely, “Vikings” will still be one of the most watched and popular TV series of all time.

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