God of War 4: What To Expect

God of War 4 is one of the most anticipated video game releases. Here are some of the things that everyone can expect.

God of War 4 has been receiving a ton of attention from the gaming industry after it has released its first few minutes of gameplay a few months back. Now, new information regarding its release date has just been released in the game’s Amazon store page.

But as of now, there still aren’t any specific details as to when the release date really is. What the store page hints is that the game might be released this year.

Hints Given Out By Amazon

The information came out after Amazon started out a poll which asks the people as to what game is people most excited of. There were three games that were included. The choices were God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Horizon Zero Dawn has already been released last Feb. 28 in North America. While Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released this year’s Fall.

Winter Of 2017

But then again, the release date for God of War 4 isn’t yet out to the public. Most experts and game analysts believe that the game will most likely be released in Q4 this year. If ever this proves to be true, then it would surely be a strategic move for Santa Monica as it will be in time for the Holiday season. Sales would surely skyrocket as it would most likely be used as gifts or bundles in the PlayStation 4 Pro consoles.

While there are also those that think that a March 2018 release is more likely. Then there’s this gameplay walkthrough done by Cory Barlog. This hints that the release is already drawing near.

The Probability Weighed

It makes perfect sense for it to be released any time soon. This is because of the advertising and hype that Santa Monica studio is building up over the previous months. Whichever the case is, God of War 4 will surely be a best seller for the layStation 4 Pro.

Just consider the fact that with all the exposure and marketing that God of War 4 has now, it is most likely that its release date is indeed very near. Hopefully, all the hype and speculations prove to be true, as it will indeed be a great privilege to play God of War 4 this year.

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