New Snapchat Filter “Racist”, Users Claim

A recently added filter on popular phone app Snapchat has been controversial due to claims of it being racist.

The filter, dubbed “Yellowface” by a user, features characteristics of an Asian, with slanted eyes, and eyebrows which are upturned. Both of which, however, were deemed exaggerated.


This is not the first time the app’s filters drew flak, Snapchat has previously been claimed to favor filters for lighter skin tones. Their Bob Marley filter has also been criticized for being a “blackface” filter.


The app allows you to apply filters digitally on your face, and aims to give you a different look. Also, filters are intended to entertain users and be playful.


Snapchat has taken down the offensive filter as of Wednesday, claiming that the filter is “Anime-inspired”, and will not be put back into circulation.


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