Most powerful machine worldwide launched in China

The Tianhe-2, the former leader of the Top 500 fastest computers has just been dethroned by the recently-installed .

 It can calculate as much as 93,000 trillion calculations per second, two times faster, and thrice more efficient than the Tianhe-2.

It can be found at the National Supercomputing Centre in Wuxi, and is composed of 10.5 million processing cores with 40,960 nodes, and operates on the Linux OS. The introduction of this supercomputer has given China the chance to overtake the US in terms of having the most number of supercomputers per country, with a total of 167 units on the Top 500 fastest supercomputer list, compared to the latter with 165.

The machine is used primarily for forecasting weather, analytics for large-scale data, and advanced manufacturing, all of which are in need of specialized needs for computing because it’s difficult for computer scientists to create software which are capable of controlling a lot of computer cores smoothly.

The introduction of the Sunway TaihuLight signifies the rapid development of technology in China, given that 10 years ago, it just had 28 systems, none of which were even in the top 30. The top two spots are occupied by China, and the rest of the slots belong to Japan, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, and Germany.

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